Q. How does the 6-week curriculum work?

A. The 6-week curriculum provides teachers with a "full experience" and comprehensive student exposure to math, language arts, technology skills, economics, civics, workforce preparation and career exploration.  Most teachers will teach one class a day (45-60 minutes), for a total of 30 hours of preparation over six weeks - before the visit.

Best suited for schools looking for maximum state standards, GLE's and NCLB impact for their participation in Exchange City.

The curriculum is flexible so that if a teacher has already covered a subject area, or feels that parts of the curriculum are not required, they can be left out.  There are certain essential classes required for the visit, and these can be taught in 12-15 hours.

Q. How long is the field trip to Exchange City?

A. The onsite visit to Exchange City last 5 hours.

Q. What post-experience follow-up is there?

A. After their day at Exchange City, students one week (5 hrs) of in-classroom reflection and review.


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